The importance of Pinterest in the fashion and home decor sectors

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Pinterest brings reach, awareness, and sales to fashion and home decor businesses

Do you know why Pinterest is so important in the fashion and home decor sectors? Pay attention, because from ClickAge we give you all the keys. 

Pinterest in the fashion and home decor sectors 

The power of Pinterest in the fashion and home decor sectors is indisputable. On the one hand, because it is one of the most visual platforms that exist, allowing brands to promote their products through images or videos. On the other, because users use the social network to be inspired in the initial phases of their projects and find new purchasing ideas. Thus, it is a social network that not only seeks interaction, but is also interested in transactions. In fact, it offers the possibility of buying directly from the application, which allows companies in the sector to expand their sales channels.

 For all these reasons, Pinterest can become a powerful marketing tool if your business is in the fashion or home decoration sector. 

Some facts about Pinterest

According to statistics from the social network itself:

  • There are 444 million monthly active users on Pinterest globally.
  • 85% of people access Pinterest to find ideas and inspiration for their projects. 
  • 80% of weekly users have found a new brand or product on the social network. 

 What makes Pinterest different from other social networks? 

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Unlike other social networks, users use Pinterest to search for inspiration. Thus, it is a suitable platform for the fashion and home decoration sectors, since they will access it to find new outfits or to discover how to improve the interior design of their home. 

In this way, if your business is dedicated to fashion or decoration and is on Pinterest, you will have more opportunities to increase your visibility, improve your brand image, increase your web traffic and, of course, your sales. 

Imagine that you have an ecommerce of clothing and accessories for women. In this case, if you have a Pinterest account for business, you can attract your potential clients in different ways:

  • Those who are inspired by Pinterest to find new trending looks. 
  • Those who want to get the best clothes for various formal or informal events. 
  • Those who take advantage of a special occasion (Christmas, Black Friday…) to look for possible gifts. 
  • Those who want to find a solution to their problem (take care of their new clothes, restore damaged zippers…).

What does Pinterest bring you if you are in the fashion or home decor industry?

  • Greater reach. Posts on Pinterest don’t become stale after a few hours. Users have the option to share or save content about fashion or decoration, which allows multiplying its reach and reaching a large number of people over the years.
  • Powerful search engine. The operation of Pinterest is similar to that of Google, allowing users to find the ideas that best suit their interests. For example, people can search for “home decor” or “summer clothing” and get results that help them get inspired. 
  • More sales. Obviously, Pinterest is a social network that does not focus solely on providing inspiration to its users. It goes further. Thus, it can help you get more sales and conversions. In fact, it offers great shopping facilities.

Pinterest in the fashion and home decoration sectors, how to succeed in your strategy?

You already know the importance of Pinterest in the fashion and home décor sectors, but do you know how you can succeed with your strategy? Next, we show you the aspects that you should not overlook. 

Planning, key

As we anticipated, the operation of Pinterest is very similar to that of Google. Thus, people access the social network in search of inspiration both for seasonal moments (Christmas, Black Friday, Kings, Easter…) and for personal events (weddings, parties, vacations…). 

To give you an idea, according to data from the social network itself, some of the most searched terms in fashion and decoration are: “Three Kings Day decoration”, “beachwear fashion”, “university clothes” or “baby room”. 

In order not to miss sales opportunities, it is important that, as a brand, you anticipate these events and design an appropriate campaign well in advance. In this way you will be able to influence the purchasing decisions of your audience and significantly increase your sales. 

Quality images and content

Pinterest is a visual social network and, as a business dedicated to fashion or decoration, you must take maximum care of the quality of the photos or videos you share. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a bad brand image. 

Also, don’t forget to interact with your users, enrich the content with hashtags and post regularly. 

Pinterest Ads

If you want to increase your visibility or your engagement more quickly, nothing better than investing in advertising campaigns on the social network. Undoubtedly, an excellent strategy that will allow you to achieve your goals in a short period of time. In addition, it is an ideal solution to reinforce your organic presence on the platform. 

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