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Today, in the midst of the digital age, almost all of us are familiar with the existing social networks and the vast majority have personal and professional profiles on them. One of these is LinkedIn, which provides a more immediate and clear added value than other platforms, not only for users but also for companies.

What is LinkedIn and what is it for?

LinkedIn was born in 2002, and is currently the largest social network for professionals with around 500 million users worldwide.

It is well known that it is not a social network to use, that is, it is not oriented to the personal sphere, but rather tries to encourage commercial and professional relations between the profiles existing in it. Therefore, LinkedIn is your online curriculum vitae and is used for networking, job search and personal branding.

Advantages of using LinkedIn

This professional network has multiple advantages for your company and the ones that most highlight its potential are the following:

  • The ability to discover new business opportunities.
  • Create a network of contacts with other companies and professionals.
  • Find your current and potential customers.
  • Open personnel selection processes.
  • Creation of events.
  • Boost your brand image and check the statistics of your company profile.
  • Generate traffic to your other platforms.
  • Creation of segmented advertising campaigns for your target audience.

The latter may be the most relevant because of its usefulness for your business, which we will see later.

Tips for your company’s communication strategy on LinkedIn

First of all, companies that want to have a presence in this professional network must create a company page. Never make a personal profile for your company because it will give a bad image and your inexperience in this medium will be noticed.

Optimization of your company profile

To appear in the search results of your potential clients, you must fill in all the fields that appear, as well as a complete description of the company’s activity and the services you offer.

You should not forget the small details such as the profile and cover image, which should always be in accordance with your profession, much less putting the contact information of the company, that is, the url of your website, the email email and phone number.

It is also important that your employees are involved in this communication strategy with profiles that are always active, as this way customers will trust your company and the quality of its human capital.

A profile in a social and/or professional network must be given play. A profile with these characteristics cannot be stopped. Therefore, publish content continuously, be it news and information related to your work environment, articles from your blog, recognitions and lived experiences.

You also have to take into account that, being a professional network, the days of the week are better to publish your content and in the morning or in the first half of the afternoon.

You can use social network planning and management tools to facilitate and speed up your work, such as Buffer or Hootsuite.

Creation and participation in discussion groups

Discussion groups are always sources of learning. Look for those that are related to your professional interests and in which you actively participate. In them you can create your network of contacts and you may contact a potential client.

Remember that if you are generous and recommend others through this professional network, you will undoubtedly get positive feedback.

Creation of segmented advertising campaigns

Previously, LinkedIn only had two types of ad campaigns: Sponsored Content campaigns and Text Ad campaigns. Currently, we can choose between one more option that is the Sponsored InMail or sponsored InMail messages.

All three types of campaigns are effective for capturing quality leads, although when you get down to work on one of them, you will find yourself with a CPC (cost per click), CPI (cost per impression) or CPL (cost per click). per lead) higher than in other social networks. This should not worry you because it is usually much more profitable, since the real price for each potential client generates a lower cost due to the professional segmentation capacity that this platform has.

This type of campaign is ideal if you are looking to contact users from the news feed of the LinkedIn home pages. You can sponsor some content that is already on your company page or make a new one. These campaigns are aimed at attracting followers and interactions by users.

They are not usually recommended since your ads will appear on the side of the LinkedIn pages and those that appear in these positions have less and less relevance and interest.

In this campaign model you can put an image with a recommended size of 50×50 pixels, a headline of your ad of 25 characters and 75 for the description. You can also direct the clicks to the website you want, although it is recommended that it be a landing page in order to generate conversions.

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