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As you probably already know, Instagram has hidden the likes counter in seven countries (Italy, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Ireland) and the rest of the world is expected to do the same over time. In fact, it is very likely that the measure, which seeks to give prominence to content and comments, will also extend to other social networks such as Facebook.

Faced with this situation, it is best to make a small change in the marketing strategy and bet on alternatives that enhance the interaction and participation of the audience. But how to do it? To help you, we have prepared a post in which we give you some tricks to get more comments on Instagram.

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Now yes, are you ready to take notes and generate greater engagement with your followers? 

Let’s start!

Tips and tricks to get more comments on Instagram

Is Instagram really going to remove the likes counter? In principle, everything points to yes, although in reality, you will continue to see the “likes” that your followers give you. The only thing that will change is that it will not be visible to the rest of the people who access your profile. It will be hidden.

At the moment the likes are part of the statistics to know the engagement ratio of a certain brand. However, you have to know that Instagram has always given more value to comments and, if likes are permanently hidden, the content and active participation of users will be further enhanced, so the sooner you implement new techniques to encourage them, better.

With the comments you will get users to commit to your business, you will appear in the first positions of your audience’s feed and you will increase the engagement of your account. Almost nothing! This without counting, obviously, that you will be better valued and you will increase your online reputation.

And what can you do to get more comments on Instagram? Let’s see it!

Turn your posts into stories

That it is increasingly difficult to position yourself organically on social networks is not a secret. Even if you have thousands of followers, the reality is that only a few will see your posts and for this reason, more and more influencers and brands are opting to “warn” in the stories that they have a new photo in their feed.

In fact, have you noticed that to generate expectation there are many who put the photo with emoticons on top or upside down, to encourage them to enter their account? You can do the same! Also, to get more comments on Instagram, you can take the opportunity to tell your followers that you will be live for a few minutes answering their questions.

Give more prominence to your audience

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Another of the tricks that you can carry out to get more comments on Instagram is to promote dialogue with your followers. There are many possibilities that you have at your fingertips, from holding raffles to including direct questions to users in your publication calendar.

For example, imagine that you have a travel agency. In this case, you have the option of making a post a week with a question in the image that you share, addressed exclusively to them, such as “Which place would you like to visit on your next getaway? ” or “ Which trip did you like the most? ”. In this way you will be encouraging them to tell you a little more about themselves and you will improve communication with your potential customers.

In addition, you also have the option of making a post with an incomplete sentence (also in the image of the post) that they have to fill in such as “ When I travel I always have to take …” or “ The first thing I think about when I get on a plane is… ”.

Of course, although the example is from a travel agency, we are sure that it is a great alternative for any business. You just need to give free rein to your imagination! Look at the frequently asked questions that they usually ask you, what your clients write to you…

Always reply to comments!

To get more comments on Instagram, it is best to always reply to the messages that your followers leave you in the publications. In addition to giving them a like, it is good that you answer them looking for a conversation so that they answer you.

In this way, you will not only increase your engagement, but your brand will also increase its reputation and visibility. All advantages!

Don’t forget to use hashtags

It is also important that you accompany each publication with a series of hashtags so that other users can find you through the “explore” tab and get more comments.

Of course, remember that you should always use relevant tags from your sector and that are related to the post. It is useless to put the most popular hashtags of the moment if they have nothing to do with your update since you may get more visits, but you will generate discomfort among people who are looking for specific content and, of course, it will not benefit your brand.

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