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Instagram is a social network that is in full growth. Not in vain are many companies that use it thanks to all the possibilities it offers: you can create Stories, publish in the feed, upload a video to IGTV, carry out advertising campaigns and link your Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, it is normal that sometimes you have a hard time knowing what to post on Instagram. But don’t worry, because there are infinite ideas and today we are going to help you with this. You won’t stop posting!

Brief introduction to Instagram, an unstoppable social network

Instagram is one of the favorite social networks among Internet users, especially among those between the ages of 15 and 35. So, it doesn’t matter which sector you belong to because there is a gap for you.

What’s more, to give you an idea, in September 2017 there were close to 800,000 million users on Instagram and the number continues to rise day by day. In addition, 60% of people state that they use the social network to discover new products and 1 in 3 most visited stories corresponds to a business. This is not counting the fact that more than 200 million users access at least one business profile per day. Almost nothing, right?

For all this, Instagram is a great platform for you to make yourself known, perfect for creating creative content, to interact in a much more fun way with your followers and to increase your sales. So, if you don’t know what to post on Instagram, we help you! Attentive!

What to post on Instagram? The best content ideas for your brand

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First of all, we recommend that to make it easier for you to know what to post on Instagram and better organize your content schedule, first divide them by categories. For example, posts about testimonials, posts about famous phrases, lifestyle, care, advice…etc. Depending on the type of business you have, they may suffer small variations. Examine your contents and assign them a category.

Then you can reorganize your publication schedule and establish a frequency to give variety to your feed so that you don’t end up always posting the same thing or forgetting about any of the categories. Thus, you can organize yourself better and decide, for example, to publish a video tutorial once a week, two beauty care posts.

Finally, if you want to visualize your Instagram feed much better, you can use tools like Preview App. This way you will be able to see how the image will look before posting it and, most importantly, you will be able to take care of the overall design of your feed.

Now yes, let’s go with the ideas on what to post on Instagram!


Phrases usually work very well on this social network. You can publish images with inspiring texts, famous phrases, tips… and in the description of the post, enhance interaction with your users by asking them if they agree or what other advice they would give. Remember that one of the purposes of Instagram is to strengthen ties with your community, so don’t be afraid to start conversations and promote comments.


Surely when you are going to buy a product for the first time, you search Google for opinions and access the company’s social networks to see the comments and find out what they say about the articles that interest you. Well, a good idea to anticipate possible doubts from your future customers is to show testimonials from those users who have already purchased the product in question.

To do this, you can upload a video to your feed of one minute maximum and share with the rest of your followers the good experiences of those who have already trusted you.


Another idea that you can carry out if you do not know what to post on Instagram are different educational videos. They can be small tutorials, questions and answers, tips or entertainment content.

In this case, if they are question-and-answer videos, we advise you to do it from Instagram Stories, but you can notify them with some time in advance in your feed that you are going to do it to attract the attention of your audience.

Share content from your customers

You can also repost your customers. Imagine that you have a clothing store and your customers upload content to Instagram commenting on how good a certain model looks on them. In this case you can share that post (always asking your client for permission, of course).

It is a different way to improve your online reputation and add value to your articles!


All brands sell experiences and you can get more out of your business if you exploit this facet.

You can also show the more human side of your brand: who your team is, day to day at the office or anecdotes.

If you need inspiration, we leave you the Instagram of Decathlon and GoPro, who perfectly master the art of telling experiences on this social network.

Finally, don’t limit yourself to only using static content in your feed. There are many possibilities on Instagram: you can use conventional videos, but also others with different styles: boomerang, with music, with filters… In the same way, maybe at some point you are interested in uploading several images at the same time or daring with a puzzle feed, that is, a puzzle that creates a complete image in different posts. The final photograph can only be appreciated if the profile of the brand is seen in a general way, since each specific image is a part of the final mosaic. Undoubtedly, a perfect idea to make your users fall in love, but where you will have to use all your imagination to create spectacular content.

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