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How can you tell if an Instagram account is influential without having to use tools?

To know if an Instagram account is influential, it is enough to pay attention to certain aspects such as the interactions in the posts or the difference between the number of followers and the followed accounts. At this point, we are sure that you know that Instagram is a social network that can bring you numerous benefits in your company, from getting closer to your audience to improving your brand image or increasing visibility on the network. However, you may not be clear about how to analyze the metrics that the platform offers you, not only to optimize your business, but also to learn about your competition. If so, do not worry because to help you, we have created this post. Do you want to know if an Instagram account is influential without having to use any type of tool? So, keep reading. We tell you everything! How can you tell if an Instagram account is influential without the need to use tools? Instagram is one of the most important social networks of the moment, in fact, its growth continues to rise year after year. Hence, companies are increasingly investing part of their marketing budget in creating content and advertising campaigns on it. What’s more, did you know that there are more than 25 million company profiles around the world? In short, it is a platform with many benefits for any business and that allows users to be reached in a different way, being more creative and showing the more human side of your brand. But how do you know if an Instagram account is influential? First of all, it is important that you understand that to know if a profile is of quality or not, you have to go beyond the number of total followers or the “likes” in the publications. Of course, there are numerous tools that you can work with, but we are going to teach you how to use logic, so that when you investigate your competition, you do not get overwhelmed by the data, but rather you can go further and check if they really they are doing a good job and that account is in good health. Think that fake accounts, automatic comments or even profiles that use strategies penalized by the platform such as “follow/unfollow”, a technique that is based on following numerous accounts every day and then deleting them after a short period of time, can sneak in among the followers. time frame. The truth is that Instagram is making more and more efforts to detect this type of bad practice and has recently developed applications to combat fictitious profiles, but many continue to use it. Therefore, if you want to know if an Instagram account is influential, you should follow the following recommendations. Take good note and do not miss anything. Let’s go there! Does the public interact with the posts? One of the keys to knowing if an Instagram account is influential is by looking at the comments that the posts have. For example, if you enter a certain profile and see that it has a large number of fans and the posts have many likes, but there is no interaction, it is not a good sign. What kind of content do they have? As you know, both on Instagram and on any other social network or on a corporate blog, it is essential to share quality content that offers useful information and that meets the real needs of the audience to which they are addressed. For this reason, in addition to focusing on the comments of the posts of the profile that you are investigating, you can also see what type of publications are uploaded to the platform and analyze if they are really of quality, if the images are worked on or if the text generates interest. Do they have few posts and too many followers? If the account you are studying has very few publications, but too many followers, it is another of the keys that set off the alarm. On any social platform, growth doesn’t happen all at once (unless the account belongs to a famous person). Normally, you have to create a marketing strategy, invest in advertising, analyze the metrics to know what aspects you should improve… and, if you do it well, little by little your followers will increase as you generate more content. That is to say, it is very difficult that with ten posts you have, for example, 10,000 followers. Therefore, if you see a profile in which the numbers do not add up, it is probably because it is carrying out strategies penalized by Instagram. How many accounts do you follow? As we told you before, there is a technique that consists of following many accounts every day and then deleting them. You have to know that this is a dangerous action, since Instagram can even close the profile, but there are still companies that use it. In fact, there are tools that automatically show you the profiles that don’t follow you and in a few minutes you can get rid of a good number of accounts. Hence, one of the ways to know if an Instagram account is influential is that there is a certain relationship between the followers and the followed. As you can see, it is easy to know if an Instagram account is influential or not, but for this it is essential to go beyond the likes they have on the posts or the number of followers.

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The importance of Pinterest in the fashion and home decor sectors

Pinterest brings reach, awareness, and sales to fashion and home decor businesses Do you know why Pinterest is so important in the fashion and home decor sectors? Pay attention, because from ClickAge we give you all the keys.  Pinterest in the fashion and home decor sectors  The power of Pinterest in the fashion and home decor sectors is indisputable. On the one hand, because it is one of the most visual platforms that exist, allowing brands to promote their products through images or videos. On the other, because users use the social network to be inspired in the initial phases of their projects and find new purchasing ideas. Thus, it is a social network that not only seeks interaction, but is also interested in transactions. In fact, it offers the possibility of buying directly from the application, which allows companies in the sector to expand their sales channels.  For all these reasons, Pinterest can become a powerful marketing tool if your business is in the fashion or home decoration sector.  Some facts about Pinterest According to statistics from the social network itself:  What makes Pinterest different from other social networks?  Unlike other social networks, users use Pinterest to search for inspiration. Thus, it is a suitable platform for the fashion and home decoration sectors, since they will access it to find new outfits or to discover how to improve the interior design of their home.  In this way, if your business is dedicated to fashion or decoration and is on Pinterest, you will have more opportunities to increase your visibility, improve your brand image, increase your web traffic and, of course, your sales.  Imagine that you have an ecommerce of clothing and accessories for women. In this case, if you have a Pinterest account for business, you can attract your potential clients in different ways: What does Pinterest bring you if you are in the fashion or home decor industry? Pinterest in the fashion and home decoration sectors, how to succeed in your strategy? You already know the importance of Pinterest in the fashion and home décor sectors, but do you know how you can succeed with your strategy? Next, we show you the aspects that you should not overlook.  Planning, key As we anticipated, the operation of Pinterest is very similar to that of Google. Thus, people access the social network in search of inspiration both for seasonal moments (Christmas, Black Friday, Kings, Easter…) and for personal events (weddings, parties, vacations…).  To give you an idea, according to data from the social network itself, some of the most searched terms in fashion and decoration are: “Three Kings Day decoration”, “beachwear fashion”, “university clothes” or “baby room”.  In order not to miss sales opportunities, it is important that, as a brand, you anticipate these events and design an appropriate campaign well in advance. In this way you will be able to influence the purchasing decisions of your audience and significantly increase your sales.  Quality images and content Pinterest is a visual social network and, as a business dedicated to fashion or decoration, you must take maximum care of the quality of the photos or videos you share. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a bad brand image.  Also, don’t forget to interact with your users, enrich the content with hashtags and post regularly.  Pinterest Ads If you want to increase your visibility or your engagement more quickly, nothing better than investing in advertising campaigns on the social network. Undoubtedly, an excellent strategy that will allow you to achieve your goals in a short period of time. In addition, it is an ideal solution to reinforce your organic presence on the platform. 

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